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by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea)

ball Puranic Cosmology Updated
Postings from 2010 to present, including recently written material as well as past material.

ball The Question of Alignment and the Iconic 2012
Written for students of the New Cosmology by Thea. January 2009

ball India and America in the New Order
An Interview with Thea conducted by Dr Patricia Heidt, discussing the common role of these two 'opposite poles' in terms of the Supramental Descent and the Manifestation of a New World. March 2008

ball The Unifying Language

Responding to a discussion of the measure of the Yugas in the Nov./Dec. 2003 issue of Atlantis Rising (p. 6), Thea discusses Yugas as a measure of the Precession of the Equinoxes and the Zodiac. 2004

ball A New Paradigm - The need for a Third Way
A piercing look at the 'old ways' of Spirituality and Science and the need to restore a truly unified Vedic consciousness. Thea considers the modern astrological practices that go by the name of Vedic, to be un-Vedic in that they have discarded the Tropical Zodiac as the measure of the year. May 2004

ball The Third Way - On Conscious Evolution
Thea discusses the recovery of the 'lost Son' or lost unity consciousness of the Vedic Rishis, via the cosmological key of the Tropical Zodiac. 30 June 2004

ball The Sanctity of Materialism
This article was written in response to Debashis Chakrabarti’s Hindutva: The religious incongruity (The Hindu, 6.2.2001) . In his article, Chakrabarti seeks to drive a wedge between ancient Indian culture and the contemporary by reducing the Rigvedic culture to 'the ancient naturalism of primitive, nomadic and pastoral Aryan/Indo-European tribes.' 2001

ball September Trilogy - plus One
The state of the world according to the New Way Cosmology, in view of the events of 11 September 2001 and the descent of the Supramental Consciousness-Force. 15 Sept. - 5 Oct. 2001

ball The Burden of a Destiny
This article was written for a Hyderabad based journal on the 75th anniversary of the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). '... the original pulse of [India's] destiny is still sounding in the civilisation’s inner dimensions of being and it can still be ‘heard’... To deny its existence, or to claim that this underlying, upholding field of a given pulsation is non-existent, or else that it has been altered or modified over the ages, is to demonstrate ignorance of the workings of the Time-Spirit.' - PNB, 2001

ball Fullness vs. Emptiness -In Defense of the Ancient Culture
In this article, Ms. Norelli-Bachelet responds to a two-part series, entitled, An Open Letter to Bangaru Laxman, that appeared in The Hindu, (10-11.10.2000), written by Gail Omvedt.

ball Transcendence and the Immanence of the One
In this essay, Ms. Norelli-Bachelet deals with what, for centuries, has been disconnected from traditional spirituality, the question of Time and Measure. Using excerpts from the Rig Veda and Bhagavad Gita, she unveils the Rishi's profound understanding of TIME and defines its role as the vehicle which integrates the Spiritual and Physical dimensions. Originally published as Part I of Time & Imperishability, Aeon Books, 1997.

ball The Seeds of Undermining - Inadequacies of the Indian System
An essay on ESSENCE and FORM. This essay was orignially published in The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 4 #5. 'Throughout the world nations and individuals face the same dilemma. We are born into a particular structure or environment. We must evolve within that, bearing the limitations that our heritage may foist upon us. Yet in the midst of these very fields, and no other, new structures must nonetheless arise. India is no exception. Indeed, her task is perhaps more complex than that of any other nation. But in spite of this limitation she has played out for over a century the patterns of her higher destiny which the new cosmology describes so thoroughly, regardless of any existing limitation. Nonetheless, it is precisely these limitations, this residue that is burdening the nation at this critical crossroads of her destiny.' - PNB, 27 October 1989

ball The Emerging Cosmos
A paper prepared by Thea for a symposium on THE HUMAN CONDITION; New Delhi, Dec.1986, and published in The Vishaal Newsletter in May 1987. Thea delves into the core of the collective chaos of modern civilization and exposes the root cause of our problems. Her examination reveals that the malaise, purposelessness and confusion which define our modern world is the direct outcome of our past mystic and spiritual perceptions. Dec 1986

ball A Prayer for a New Way
This Prayer is the Preamble of The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2, Aeon Books, 1981.


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