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India's occult correspondence with the
Capricorn Hieroglyph

"...If the measurement of the Temple is in every way perfect,
there will be perfection in the universe as well..."
The Mayamata XXII.92

In a recent Vishaal discussion, members of the list examined the occult laws which define the relationship between the "shadow temple" in Auroville and the geography of the Indian landmass. I opened this fascinating subject with the Mother's comments on India's destiny.

"INDIA", said the Mother "is a divinely chosen country with a unique spiritual heritage. She is not the earth, rivers and mountains, nor simply the collective name for the inhabitants of this land. India is a living being, conscious of her mission in the world and waiting for the exterior means of its manifestation. India alone can lead the earth to peace and a new world order."            The Mother: "On the Destiny of India"

Because of our interest in spirituality and yoga, most of us are aware of India as a repository of the highest knowledge. It seems to be the one place on earth where Truth is revealed in its most impeccable form. Its scriptures are the most profound, its gods and goddesses the most complex and its art and iconography the most vibrant and true. Given its unique character, are we not justified in asking why this is so? Could there be any objective evidence which might explain why India, and not some other country, would occupy such a singular position in the community of nations? To answer this question we must reach for the highest possible perspective.

The sages tell us that the Absolute created the universe in such a way that its very structure and movement become the common matrix for the organization of all human knowledge. "As Above, So Below" proclaims the Rishi; the principles of order and harmony which exist in the Macrocosm are also to be found in the microcosm. Starting from any level, one can establish an awareness of these patterns and symmetries and follow them to other levels through the laws of correspondence. They manifest first as Cosmic and Planetary harmonies before reaching a highly specific individuation in the human domain.

As we begin our search on the Cosmic plane, the Mother gives us a valuable clue. She tells us that the earth is unlike any other planet, " is 'evolutionary' with a psychic entity at its center..." It also has a central axis which is determined by its elliptical orbit around the Sun. On its annual passage, the earth reaches its closest proximity to the Sun or 'perihelion' on January 5th of each year. In the language of cosmology this axis falls on the midpoint of Capricorn and bisects the earth to the midpoint of Cancer. Since this cosmological point represents a perfect alignment with the greater cosmic harmonies, the 15th degree of Capricorn is considered the birthday of the earth. In the Vedic conception of the cosmos this Capricorn-Cancer axis is known as "Mount Meru" - the pillar which supports and connects the heavens with the Earth. It is the central axis in Vedic temple architecture and is equivalent to the "Solar Ray" in the Mother's temple design, which falls down the shaft into the Globe and Pedestal.

Mount Meru - the Cosmic Axis

As we pursue these cosmic harmonies to the planetary level we find that we are able to discover additional correspondences simply by overlaying the "map" of the heavens upon the earth. With the 360 degree Zodiac thus laid on the globe at the zero point of the Greenwich meridian, we observe that the sign Capricorn starts exactly where the Indian landmass begins. The sign's 30 degrees begin at 60/61 degrees East and continue to the mouth of the Ganges in the Bay of Bengal. The "tail" of the sign is carried over to encompass Burma, and from there swings back toward the central body. Through these cosmo-geographical correspondences we discover that India IS the sign Capricorn. In fact, one can readily "See" that the ancient hieroglyph forms an exact overlay of the Indian subcontinent. Its perfect alignment with this cardinal point identifies India as the "Soul of the Earth" and thus the point of the clearest spiritual vision. "It is the one point", said the Mother, "where the psychic law can and must reign, and the time has come for that to occur." Another interesting correspondence is the relationship between India and the USA. India occupies the 'Spiritual' pole of the Capricorn-Cancer axis which cuts through globe to its 'Material' counterpoint; the United States of America (born on July 4th, the mid-point of Cancer). Each of these countries represent the epitome of their archetypal identity as the poles of Spirit and Matter and together they form the evolutionary axis of the earth. Given the self-evident nature of these discoveries, there can be no doubt that when the Mother wrote in her Agenda of Supermind being intelligible through "Number, Planets and Principles", she was referring to the ancient language of cosmology.

Capricorn DegreeCapricorn Glyph

Let me hasten to say that a knowledge of cosmology is not exclusive to the Vedic tradition. The midpoint of Capricorn has been celebrated by all great religions as a time of ritual rebirth. Through the repetition of certain seasonal rites, initiates were invested with a new sense of time - a non-linear or sacred time, through which they could become healed, regenerated and begin their life anew as if it were the moment of their birth. Some well known examples of this Capricorn ritual include the Roman "Saturnalia" and the Hindu "Festival of Light". The ancient Egyptians celebrated the "Festival of the Nile" on the 5th of January with a baptism in fresh water at sunrise. In the Greek mysteries at Eleusis, it was on this date that Kore gave birth to Aeon, whose ritual birth was also considered the birthday of the world. In the cult of Mithras, it was the birthday of Sol Invictus. The early Christians celebrated the Epiphany on the night of January 5th. This sacred date has also been claimed as the birthday of Dionysos, Janus, the Amitaba Buddha, and in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, as the birthday of Christ. Given her profound connection with Time and the cosmic mysteries it should come as no surprise to some of you that Patrizia's birthday is also on January 5th.

Non-linear or sacred time appears under the paradoxical aspect of circular time, a mythic present which is connected with man's deepest existential dimension. In this respect it is an essential component of Sri Aurobindo's yoga. In the last chapter of his 'Synthesis of Yoga', he tells us that TIME is the remaining aid needed for the effectivity of the Supramental yoga. He did not, however, take up the matter of the method or mechanism whereby this might occur. Sri Aurobindo carried us to the portals of this discovery and closed the book with a chapter entitled, 'Toward the Supramental Time Vision', thus offering future pioneers the basic key to the supramental realization. While he had unveiled the possibility of a synthetic Time vision he was never able to complete its exposition. This came much later when Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet revealed the Mother's original temple plan to be the embodiment of that formula. It was not until the 1970s that Sri Aurobindo's Time vision could be brought to completion and fully articulated by Patrizia in her book, "The Gnostic Circle".

In their Indian ashram Sri Aurobindo and the Mother created a microcosmic world through which they could work and thereby bring about a definite change in the entire body of the earth. The Mother's temple was built at the center of that microcosmic world, the one point where its axial power could establish itself and bring harmony to the earth. Owing to this correspondence, the Mother's temple possesses an occult equivalence to the "Soul of the Earth". Its "Mt. Meru" axis bears an exact geographical correspondence with the axial line which bisects the planet and also the "spinal axis" which runs through the Indian landmass at 15 degrees into its Capricorn form. While it is extremely simple in design, her temple was the highest order of sacred architecture that has ever been revealed, an integral perfection of cosmic symbolism. To alter one number, one dimension, would be equivalent to throwing the entire system into chaos, yet this is exactly what happened following the Mother's passing. Owing to the ignorance and outright bad will of her disciples, her immaculate vision was mutilated beyond recognition. One by one the elements of its design were fundamentally altered until not one was left intact. When this abomination began to take form in concrete and steel, its distorted dimensions began to produce calamitous effects in the field of its occult influence.

Eye of ShivaTemple

Today, we are able to witness one of the numerous effects of the temple's axial dislocation in the continuing conflict between India and Pakistan. This explosive situation is reflected to an almost mathematical degree by the errors in the temple's architecture. One of the most sensitive points in the temple's design, representing the causal dimension of this issue, is found where the 'Ray of the Sun' enters the sacred chamber. In terms of the Capricorn hieroglyphic relationship to the body of Mother India, it is located at longitude 76 degrees east and latitude 36 degrees north in the area known as Kashmir. This mountainous region at the extreme north of the Indian subcontinent is the most sacred point on the body of Mother India and lies at the heart of the conflict between India and Pakistan. In order to convey a sense of the occult power contained at this point Patrizia has named it the "Eye of Shiva". It possesses an equivalency to the Mother's chamber and represents the 'Seeing Eye' of the nation. While it is a constitutional territory of India, it is now de facto in the possession of Pakistan, a situation which has rendered this "Seeing Eye" temporarily blind. As a consequence of this occult blindness, a unified India cannot rise. It is a situation, identical in nature to its compliment in Auroville, where the seat of Sri Aurobindo's and the Mother's epochal work has been taken over and held hostage by people of little or no realization.

In the occult sciences it is well known that a discrepancy between a archetypal form seen in the plane of truth, and that which is built in its name on the earth, will bring about destruction and disintegration in the field of its influence. The Mother was well aware of this and warned of dire consequences when it became apparent that her precise Vedic plan for the temple was about to become irredeemably lost. Knowing that the disciples who destroyed her plan would not understand she said: "...'One is not going to say it! To begin, they will not believe me.' A year later she questioned, 'Will it have to be the lesson of catastrophe before they open their eyes to the truth? I ask an effort from all, so that it has not to be... It is a choice between serving the Truth or being destroyed."

Since the Mother's departure in November, 1973, there have been a succession of accidents, conflicts and catastrophes which, to the seer, can be directly attributed to the errors made in the execution of her plan. The Temple of the Age, meant to join the heavens with the earth and transmit the laws and principles of the higher planes was never built. In its place stands an Abomination generating disunity and disintegration throughout the world. In terms reminiscent of William Butler Yeats' famous poem, it is a "Center which cannot hold..."

R.E. Wilkinson © 29 July 1998


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