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Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea)


THROUGHOUT THE MILLENNIA THE SUPREME GODHEAD has sent emissaries to the Earth in the form of Divine Incarnations or "Avatars". These extraordinary beings descend into human birth for the purpose of establishing something essential and radical needed for the terrestrial evolution. They 'involve' into the earth dimension in the manner of a descent from a higher plane and are born with a unique poise of consciousness which permits them to become channels through which a new evolutionary blueprint may be introduced into the material creation.

THE PERIODIC MANIFESTATION OF EVOLUTIONARY AVATARS is determined by their inherent association with the Time-Spirit. They appear on the earth as a string of births spanning many millennia but with a common purpose of realizing and establishing the reign of Truth-Consciousness. They incarnate every 6,480 years at specific points in earth's precessional cycle which correspond to critical stages in our planet's evolution. Through these Cosmic credentials and other unique symbols relating to their work and purpose it becomes irrefutably evident that both Heaven and Earth have collaborated in the sacred event of their births.

'Consciousness is like a ladder', explained the Mother, 'at each great epoch there has been one extraordinary being capable of adding one more step to the ladder and reaching a place where the ordinary consciousness has never more step to the ladder without loosing contact with the material (creation)...reaching the Highest and at the same time connecting the top to the bottom... joining the Spiritual and the Material is the whole secret of realisation, and that is the work of the Avatar...'

OVER THE MILLENNIA EIGHT OF THESE EVOLUTIONARY BEINGS have incarnated on the earth, each representing a month in a millennial gestation process moving inexorably toward the birth of a new world. In the last century, not one but three of these Divine beings have appeared on the earth. The Solar Line, as they are known, represent the culmination of that gestation process; the labor and birth of a new creation in our time. They have come to initiate a leap beyond the limitations of our present mental species into a new consciousness which allows for a collective experience different from anything the world has ever known .

the MotherSri Aurobindo - the 9th Avatar
 The Mother and Sri Aurobindo of the Pondicherry Ashram

'THE DIVINE,' EXPLAINED SRI AUROBINDO, 'IS NOT ONLY TRANSCENDENT but also Cosmic and finally Individual.It's power and force must be brought down into the world in order to effect any real transformation in the earth-consciousness.'

THE MEMBERS OF THE SOLAR LINE REPRESENT THE OCTAVES and process of that descent. They incarnate as these eternal principles [the law of three] in order to bring their truths out of the realm of abstract theory and illumine the dynamics of creation. Together they form a line in time bridging the planes of spirit and matter.

THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL ASPECT OF THE AVATAR'S FUNCTION is to live the process, to himself be the field of the divine consciousness in evolution. Thus, each member of the line is obliged to perform an evolutionary task which must be executed within a specific field of consciousness. Sri Aurobindo’s work as the TRANSCENDENT Principle, was largely concentrated on planting the integral seed of the Supramental creation. His work on the inner planes bore the nature of a vast and total spiritual action, and represented a radical reversal of those ancient traditions which aspired to an escape from the physical reality. The details of Sri Aurobindo's activities on the subtle planes are never revealed but the general nature of his work is eloquently described in his poem, "A God's Labour " written in the 1930s.

SRI AUROBINDO WAS JOINED IN 1914 BY MIRRA RICHARD, a French spiritualist, whom he was later to reveal as the living incarnation of the 'Divine Mother'. Knowledge of her unique mission came gradually, said the Mother, " is as though I were born with it, and following my own growth, the precision and completeness of this consciousness grew." As the power and force of the Solar Line descended from the Transcendent to the COSMIC plane, the Mother worked tirelessly, preparing new material forms which could accommodate the supramental descent. Toward the end of her life, Supermind, as featured in Sri Aurobindo’s poise, was brought down by the Mother and unveiled in material creation as the original plan for her Temple. It was an image of the cosmos in microcosm representing the Soul of the Earth and the symbol of the "Future Realization". After a lifetime of the most intense yogic tapasya, the Mother announced:

'The greatest thing that can ever be, the most marvelous thing since the beginning of creation, the Miracle has happened... A new world, yes, a completely new world is born and here. Yet even now, there are very few people who are aware of its birth and of the difference it brings into the world...'.

THE WORK OF THE SUPRAMENTAL LINE HAS NOW REACHED THE THIRD STAGE, the realization of the INDIVIDUAL Soul. That same secret force, which had brought the Mother from France to join Sri Aurobindo, introduced Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet to the Indian scene. She arrived at the Pondicherry ashram just in time to assume her crucial role in this evolutionary process. By this time, Sri Aurobindo had left the earth and the Mother was over 90 years old. Many of her physical faculties had begun to fail but on the inner planes she was hard at work. Over the next several years, the Mother occultly transmitted an entire body of Supramental knowledge to Patrizia which would enable her to carry on this epochal work.

IN FOLLOWING THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE SOLAR LINE, one may observe that Sri Aurobindo's actual work on the subtle planes is almost never revealed. The Mother's work in the occult planes is somewhat clearer yet even she was not inclined to explain the details of what she did and saw. It isn't until the Third level of the work that these details become revealed because that is the nature of the Third, precision in truth. With Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's level of the work, we begin to perceive this precision. The ability to see with such detail comes about because the action is observed from the most intimate dimension the human consciousness can experience, the 'center' or individual Soul. This Soul realization is the channel linking "Swar" or Truth-Consciousness to the Earth plane, and one of its principle effects is the ability to "see" the sublime and perfect control in the unfolding of events accompanying the supramental creation.

ENHANCED BY THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF HER PREDECESSORS and bearing her own gift of Supramental Time, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet has unveiled the signature of a new consciousness at work in the world. She has provided seekers with a key of knowledge which grants a direct experience of the Supreme within the physical manifestation. Her work with Time and Cosmology has finally given us the means to KNOW and not merely BELIEVE that the Truth-Consciousness has descended and is now manifest upon the Earth.


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